The Remodel Process

Three R Builders offers every customer a unique remodeling experience. From the moment we step foot into your home you will receive individual attention. Our objective is to work closely with you through out the entire process, ensuring that nothing is missed and information is shared.

There are many important steps to the remodeling process. The appeal of Three R Builders is the guidance we provide through out. We take pride in caring for our customers – an important quality that is missing in today’s service industry. As homeowners and consumers like you, we are confident that you will appreciate and be satisfied by our careful approach. When your remodel is complete you will feel that you received the absolute best for a fair price.

Our approach to the remodeling process:

#1 – CONTACT US If you have been thinking about remodeling your home, call us for your free consultation! We will set up a time that is convenient to meet at your home and we will discuss your ideas. This first meeting should involve your whole family in order to entertain everyone’s ideas. We will discuss what you want to accomplish, how much you want to spend, legal requirements (such as building codes), and the approximate time frame by which you want to abide.

#2 – DETAILSAt this appointment we will present a possible floor plan and a cost estimate. We will discuss all of your design options and choose the one that best suits you. We want your home to reflect you and we will accomplish that by combining creativity, functionality, and cost effectiveness. Together we will review the details, making any needed adjustments to the plan.

#3 – MEET WITH THE ARCHITECT*This is the meeting in which your new home begins to take form. Together, we meet with the architect and discuss all the important details and specifications. We will go over exact measurements, window and door placements, and any other design specifications.

#4 – SIGN AND SUBMIT THE PLANSBy the fourth meeting the finished plan will be presented to you in order to make final revisions. At this point, we will both sign the plan making it a part of the contract. You will have your own copy of the plan to keep and look over at your leisure. Three R Builders will then submit the plan to the Building Department in order to get the necessary permits to begin construction.

#5 – MAINTIANING COMFORTFrom the moment construction begins to the time your home is completed, Three R Builders will keep you and your family comfortable. We provide a dumpster in order to keep the construction site as clean as possible. We also provide a portable toilet so that we will not have to use your personal facilities.

#6 – OUR WORKERSAll of the people that will be working on your home take pride in their jobs. They are all very approachable, friendly, and trustworthy. Each one of them specializes in their field making them the best in their industry. Three R Builders accepts nothing less.

#7 – ALWAYS ON TIMEThough out your remodel we will be there making sure that everything is running smoothly. To the best of our ability your remodel will remain on schedule. While there are days when work cannot be performed due to weather conditions or inspections, you can be sure that your remodel will be completed in a timely manner.

#8 – REST EASYWith each payment you make according the schedule that we decided on, Three R Builders will give you a progressive lien release ensuring that no worker or supplier can put a lien on your home. We want you to rest easy during your remodel.

#9 – YOUR NEW HOMEJust because your remodel is finished doesn’t mean that our partnership is. Three R Builders is dedicated to your satisfaction. If there is anything else that you need or if something is wrong with the remodel you can call us anytime. We will be there to ensure that you are happy with your remodel.

By following these steps we can both be confident in what we will build and how it will be accomplished.

* We are a full service design company, but if you already have a set of plan you wish to work from, we will be happy to give you an estimate accordingly.